Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Drastic Custom!

Been off and on in the studio lately. But I *did* manage to finish this drastic custom G1 Thoroughbred into a sliding Quarter Horse reiner!!
He'll be up for offers once he's got his new blue roan coat! :D (Using the two handsome boys below as reference. I know the top one is Blue Valentine Two. Not sure who the other gorgeous guy is. :/)

I've also got a Heza Classy Chic by Pack, Sheba's Jewel by LerMond, and a Hazel by Kilbourn, as well as a special surprise in the wings! Hope to get them done and up for viewing soon, too!
Until next time!

Friday, June 15, 2012

First Stablemate Custom on MH$P

Just wanted to make a note that I've posted my first SM custom onto MH$P for offers till next Thursday, June 21st.
Please follow this link to see her ad:
I sanded her seams and logo and gave her a new neck and 'do -- then painted her a mealy dark baby bay! I hope you enjoy her pictures! (More on my Facebook page!)

Monday, May 28, 2012


Way too many photos to add, lol
Please go to the Facebook Page: RockingShip Studio to see many many photos! I still need to put her pupil in, but other than that, she's done!
I'll be posting news to the yahoogroup, then putting her up for offers on MH$P :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rasha is Almost Complete!

First traditional-scale dapple grey with rosing! Many layers of dapples, plus some pencil hairing, and hours of work went into this gal!
I'll post better pictures soon -- she still has a good couple of hours of work in these pictures (white-washing, eyes, base, etc.)
Plan to put her up for offers on MH$P early this week :)

Enjoy! Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back in Town - Back to Work!

Just a quick note to let you know I'm back from my out-rotation in Weatherford, Texas. Unfortunately, my laptop screen died, and my borrowed laptop is taking me a while to get used to/load information on. SO! Once my laptop gets repaired, I'll be adding lots of pictures I picked up from Weatherford, as well as TWO new sales pieces!!! A lovely dappled rose grey Rasha, and a handsome roany-appaloosa Ratrod!!! These two will be for sale by the first week of June, if not sooner!!
I'm also offering a commission! Please see my MH$P ad for details!
More soon!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gettin My Pastel On!

So, this weekend I had every intention of starting Ratrod (an Appaloosa stallion by Kristina Lucas-Francis) and Tabatha Pack's Heza Classy Chic (the awesome cutter!) in two different shades of strawberry roan-y goodness (with an appy pattern for Rat) -- but, instead, I find myself pastelling a delicate, delicious dapple rose-grey to my Rasha (by Debbi LerMond). LOL
Here's her reference photos, since I haven't taken any pictures of the model, herself. My reference is CL Solmate, a son of US Top Ten Polish stallion, Solstice out of the pure Polish mare MSU Beloved. Considering show names "Nymph's Solistce," or "Nymph's Solmate" for this gal. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Boys are Back from Panhandle Live!

Had a good turn at the show! The Pipsqueaks and Little Lonestars didn't get NAN cards, but they DID place pretty well! 2 3rds (grullo LL and overo Pip), a 4th (overo LL), and 5th (appy LL)!!! My other Pipsqueak suffered a rub en-route -- so he didn't place, but I'm fixing him up!

They're for sale on MH$P now! Two LL's and One Pipsqueak are going to find new homes soon! :)
Thanks for chiming in!